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Combat boots I am lovin’ right now.

Combat boots I am lovin’ right now.

Combat boots are so chic, comfortable and edgy. Who knew that there were so many words to describe them?

While working in Fashion, I am in need of comfortable and warm boots to keep me going for the day. I am usually wearing all black, so that’s my color of choice when buying shoes for work. They are usually my go along with a leather jacket. However, outside of my work uniform, these boots are overall a versatile item that every fashionista should own. At TPS you know we are all about versatile styles and smart buying investments.

Combat boots are versatile when it comes to styling, and these boots can be worn throughout the Winter/Fall and Spring seasons. Price doesn’t matter when you can get so much wear out of them. Be sure to make the investment, no matter how large or small. Spare no expense when it comes to shopping these boots. The popular Dr.Martins seen here and here, are a fashionable footwear staple.

Below, I rounded up a few of these popular boots that are in my cart or on the way to my place. I could pass up on the list and sharing it with you.

Dress: Banana Republic /// Boots: Rainbow

Combat Boots roundups.

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