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Crazy FAD Diets

Crazy FAD Diets

Carrie Underwood states in an interview with “People Magazine” that back in 2005, she admits to using an unsafe diet pills when she was at her heaviest.

Too often, people often feel pressured to look a certain way because the dream body of achievement is presented in the media. One year it’s big boobs, next year it’s stick thin figures. The result of these problem are body shaming and bullying which leads to women trying these unsafes diets. Crazy diets that never work! Never feeling that you’re good enough, let me tell you honey, YES you are!

According to (XYZ) there are many of ways that crazy diets that can harmfully affect your body.

You could start to feel lightheaded.

There are not enough vitamins and nutrients for your body.

Your body is burning less calories depending on the type of Crazy Fad diet you are on. 

May cause some serious risk like gout and kidney stones. 

There is no way or reason for you to put your health in danger to achieve a certain body type. If losing weight is your goal, then do it the safe way. Consult your doctor or nutritionist and starting working out. For sure I too have been apart of the crazy diet fad. There were these green pills, I saw results fast but I don’t like taking pills anyway so that stopped that real fast lol. But I learned my lesson, it takes the right type of food to lose weight and it’s better safe than sorry. No if and or buts about it. Eat right, workout (weight lifting and some cardio), and be consistent with it.

So I ask you this snobs, have you ever tried or done anything Crazy to lose weight?

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