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Dating myself | Here are 5 things to do.

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Honestly, I’ve been dating myself for quite some time now. The requests came, I just never went. LOL. There was no need to waste anyone’s time. I am enjoying my own company and peace. He’s going to have to bring a little something more to the audition in order for me to allow him in my space. 

There are some great perks when it comes to dating yourself. I can either strike up a conversation with someone at the next table, come as I go, be spontaneous, etc. I mean you’ll never know when that conversation can turn into an impromptu date. Since being in Dallas, I’ve experienced some great spots for the person that’s dating themselves. So let’s get into this blog post. 

Dating myself in Dallas | Here are 5 things to do.

1. Dining out.

Yes, so this is an obvious one. Maybe it’s the only child in me but I do this all the time and could care less about dining alone at a nice restaurant. I’ve been going to Eataly and OMgosh, it’s such a vibe. The rooftop restaurant Terrea is something to experience too. And yes I’ve had the pleasure to dine at all three restaurants located inside the shopping store. There are also amazing options to dine in the Knox/Henderson area. RH Rooftop, Joe Leo, just to name a few. Lastly, I had the opportunity to visit the grand opening of Villa Azzur. The restaurant is located inside the W hotel. It’s worth the experience!

2. Coffee Shops.

I do this all the time even without bringing my laptop. There’s something so cool and Parisian to just sip on your coffee or tea and people watch, read a book. Just an overall amazing activity to get outside of the house. Catch up on the latest chapter of your book or learn a new language. Again, Eataly has a cafe downstairs that carries the most amazing tasting vanilla latte. And I cannot forget the freshly made pastries. 

3. Arcade.

Back in Saint Louis, Mo, there’s a spot called Up Down. An arcade that sells cheap but amazing slices and full-size pizza, and alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. From street fighter to Dance Dance revolution, they got it. Another great thing about this place is that no children are allowed. 21 and older. 

4.Weekend Getaway.

Austin, Houston, San Antonio are only a few hours away from Dallas Tx. It’s great for the soul to get out of your familiar surrounding areas. Want to go farther, California, Arizona, and Mexico. 

5. A day inside.

Planning a weekend inside and watching movies, cooking dinner makes a great solo dating. POV: Your home is cleaned, your fridge is stock and you’re preparing to spend a chill day inside. The weekend actually. You’ve cooked your favorite meal and you’ve got your favorite tv ready to view. 

Sounds ideal to me. 


6. Spend time with God.

Spending time with him all the time is key. I remember when I first got here I would stop by a local coffee shop to just spend time with him. Journal, reading a devotional, and sipping on my latte. I still do that from time to time. Also, going on a walk outside

While there are plenty more ideas that I can share. Here are the top five that bring a smile to my face. I wrote a blog post a while back about experiencing life and what it has to offer. Life is too short to wait or beg to dine out with someone. 

Comment and share below if you’re dating yourself. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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