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Worthy Designer dupes from Amazon to buy.

Designer dupes are becoming more and more popular within the online space and it’s no surprise that Amazon is the go-to site to find them. I have a background in fashion- a former stylist. So to tell you I am not a fan of high-end luxury would be a lie. BECAUSE I AM!! While I do own a few designer items in my closet, I am falling more and more for the designer dupes. Why? Because this gives me the chance to test out how many times I will wear these item,. How would I incorporate these pecies into my wardrobe? Would I be able to wear this daily or every now and then? My goal is to spend wisely on these investments because they can be resold to popular consignments stores like Rebagg or The Real Real. I am not saving my special pair of shoes for a one-time event. TUH!

When it comes to designer items. Shoes, handbags, and sunglasses are more go-to. My weight is always changing so right now, purchasing jeans or a designer jacket is not ideal right now. Below, I’ve found some amazing dupes by Cartier, Hermes, Chanel, Bottega Veneta, and more all from Amazon.

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Designer Dupes from Amazon

                                     Designer dupes from Amazon


Designer dupes

So far when it comes to shoes, Bottega Veneta Strech Sandal caught my eye. These dupes caught my eye last Summer in 2021 and I must say they are comfortable. I can be in these shoes for up to 4 hours and they are of good quality. 


My weakness, I love a good handbag. Designer or not. But I was able to find this amazing Fendi First dupe to a Chanel dupe bucket bag. 


Comment and let me know, if you are saving or splurging?


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