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Designer Spotlight- Marc Jacobs **

Designer Spotlight- Marc Jacobs **
Photo credit. Vogue

There really isn’t one word that describes Marc Jacobs. There is one word, but you wouldn’t stop there, the list will keep going on and on and on. Edgy, bold, creative , talented are just a few words describes Marc Jacobs who is this month’s feature on Designer Spotlight.

Marc Jacobs has to be one of my top 5 designers personally.  Now although he’s been around since the mid 80’s starting his own line of handbags and knit sweaters, I came to know of him in 2006. By then, the designer had been the creative director at Louis Vuitton for almost ten years, and has raised the fashion house numbers into the high billions and growing. Jacobs not only added a splash of color (and his own personality) to the legendary monogram while he was at Louis Vuitton, but he added a complete lineup of diversity along with amazing celebrity campaigns.


(Photocredit: LouisVuitton)

Each year, Jacobs was responsible for eight runway shows for both women and men lines at Marc Jacobs, Marc by Marc Jacobs, and Louis Vuitton. Let’s not forget, the shoes, the handbags, and the gardenia scented perfume. Can we say work work work work work!!!

After 16 years (2013) Jacobs left Louis Vuitton to focuos on his own brand-Marc Jacbos. Since then, Jacobs has taken his brand IPO, and has shown his collection at NYFW that can be put on a scale (in my personal opinion) of a Paris fashion week. That pink dollhouse and runway was EVERYTHING!!! Marc Jacobs to me will never run out of ideas wather it’s a collection or a porduction, he’s always evloling and thinking of the new. 

marc j dollhouse 2 marc j doll house

Although I haven’t been to a Marc Jacobs show yet, I cannot wait to attend. My goal is to work as a stylist for the desinger and purchase my first ever collection item from the runway!

“It was 12 minutes of a million ideas” – WWD of the Marc Jacobs RTW 2016 collection.

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