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Everything you should know before traveling with Amtrak.

traveling with Amtrak.

I needed and wanted to get out of Missouri and traveling with Amtrak was my choice of transportation. Two years, I had a photo shoot in Chicago so I took the Amtrak and I must say it was a good experience. However, these times are way different than 2019. With that said, here’s everything you need to know before traveling with Amtrak. Yes, this would be during the pandemic. And yes, I was a solo traveler.

Safety Measures.

You must have your mask on the entire duration of your train ride. Or you will get kicked off the train. It happened on my train ride! The only exceptions are when you are driving and eating. But honestly, after putting my food in my mouth I just put the mask on. However, my seats were on the lower level of the card with a sliding door 🙂 There were no temperature checks when I arrived, which was 14 min before my train departed. Masks were provided to you in case you didn’t have one.

The Process.

The process was simple and easy. After your passes are checked, simply following the directions of the Amtrak works. If you would like to have your ticket printed, someone at the train station can help you.

The Train ride.

Travel with Amtrak

The train ride was like how I remembered it-simple. Small town city views mixed with farmland. I was smart this time to bring my snacks and breakfast. The service cart didn’t open until midway through the trip and was maybe only opened for an hour? It’s best to bring your food if you have a short trip.

The Review

The entire train ride was 5 hours outside Saint Louis, Missouri. The cost one-way was low and honestly I would travel with Amtrak again. The workers were nice, I actually hardly saw them. From the purchase to the arriving at my destination, it was fine. I had a great experience. I will say is to get there on time because that train will leave at the time it’s suppose to leave lol.

Travel w/ Amtrak

Have you ever taken the Amtrak train for a quick trip? What was your experience? Comment and share below.


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