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Face Halo- Better than your Makeup Cleansing wipes??

Face Halo- Better than your Makeup Cleansing wipes??

Face Halo- Better than your Makeup Cleansing wipes??

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Just when I happen to fall in love with by far to me the best makeup cleansing wipes on the plant- Face Halo was created. Face Halo are the one step to remove your makeup away! They are plush, reusable/washable, and they also happen to be a safer alternative to face wipes because all you need to add is just water! They are completely safer than your makeup wipes due to the fact that the Face Halo eliminates and removes all additives that will irritate the skin over time.  Founded and created by Lizzie Pike and Rebecca Wilson (YAY GIRL BOSSES) they found a way to tap into the beauty business by creating a safer alternative to removing your foundation. 


My Truth!

They work! They truly indeed work! I put the Face Halo pads to the test by cleaning away my 15 hour long wear foundation from my face. I put the Face Halo to test again by removing any clean up with my make up cleansing wipes-there was hardly any foundation on facial wipes. Since the Halo Pads are actually soft plush pads, there is a challenge to remove the eyelashes and makeup from around the eyes. There are only three of these pads that comes within a pack. I would personally, keep these in stock but continue to buy makeup cleansing wipes because…

*There are only so many items I can toss in a washing machine and us humans, were a bit lazy at some time.

*Make up cleansing wipes come a pack of 30 or 35. Perfect for travel!

*A great back up for when I haven run out of makeup wipes.



Check them out and tell me your truth! Information can be found below.



Cost: $22.00


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