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Fall Favorites for 2020

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Fall Faveroties for 2020 is what this blog post is all about. Yes, fashion choices will be involved. But, I wanted to share with you some lifestyle choices too. Exercising, eating clean, and so on that has kept me level headed and sane during this time. Along with having a shift in mindset because there were more than a few things I had to change personally. Anyways, let’s get into this blog post. 

Beauty: Dark and Lovely.

Fall Favorites 2020

When it comes to my nails, I would wear the press on. Which is a great money saver, however, its hard on the actual nails. I’ve purchased some great nail polish (seen here)  that I will have on repeat this season. The same thing for my lipsticks and lip liner, really just playing around with the dark reds, browns and so much more. My Lipstick wishlist is both from Laura Mercier and Nars. These colors here, here, here are Fall perfection.

Fashion: Comfort Chic.

If you thought joggers were just loungewear for the home-think again. While some States are slowly opening back for human interaction, I am getting dressed up lol. This is the best way for me to try new colors, branch out on new styles and so much more. While pink will always be my go-to- I will be adding more neutrals, whites, and creams. Check out my last blog post regarding 5 Fall trends you can wear and shop now. 

Lifestyle: Less stress, Working Smart.

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There has been a drastic change in my lifestyle. From my career to me cutting my hair lol. But I know it’s nothing that I can’t handle. I will be in incorporating more veggies and clean food within my diet too. Keeping up with my exercising and getting good sleep and just not being too hard on myself. Let’s not forget saving money lol. 

I always believe that the best is yet to come, however that faith needs to be maintained. There’s nothing about change that difficult-only the mindset. What are some of the things that you’re looking forward too for Fall? Be sure to check the Monthly Faves scroll bar for additional items.

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