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Family Time…and we got lost sort of

Family Time…and we got lost sort of

Where in the hell are we??? I ask myself a few times after learning my GPS took my family and I the long way. 

“We lost.” Yells the toddler in the back seat. 

It was freezing cold (car said 29 degrees but felt like -7) and beyond dark on the road we were traveling but we made it Eckert’s Farms for family gathering. We were in for a night of ice skating, country style food and hot coco…with only an hour to spare.

But enough with the funny, let’s get into the reason why you are here and the GIVEAWAY. 

x Eckert’s Farm x

With varies locations within the Saint Louis, Mo and southern areas of Illinois, Eckert’s Farm is a family based fun environment. From strawberry picking to live entertainment, Eckert’s is a family destination for any and everyone. It’s also perfect for someone who  The location in particular that sponsored this post was in Belleville, IL. A 35 minute (but it took us an hour almost) drive outside of Saint Louis, Mo.  To celebrate the Eckert’s new ice skating rink, I was invited to enjoy all the fun winter festivities.



Of course my family wanted to eat first and since I am no Tonya Harding, we went there first. The restaurant surrounding made me feel ready for cabin fever, the setting was very country like and inviting.  The menu had a mixture of local STL “known for” such as toasted raviolis-which yes I did order. The food tasted very fresh and all around great. I sensed that since we were on a farm, all veggies and meat were home grown. My family was happy and we overall had a great time….although we didn’t even have a chance to ice skating.


Me and stinky pooh!! Along with my cousin in the back photobombing….


Would love to extend this great and amazing time to my readers and their family.

Ice skating and and Hot Coco for a family of 4.

All you would have to do is email me at Jennifer@thepinksnob. with your name the subject line reading #GIVEAWAY.

Deadline February 5 at midnight cst.

Winners will be announced by February 6th.

Visit Eckert’s website here! 


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