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Father’s Day Gift Guide under $100 from Amazon.

Father’s Day Gift Guide under $100 from Amazon.

Creating a Father’s Day Gift Guide was quite fun this time around. As I’ve mentioned a few times on the blog, that my dad is really easy to shop for when it comes to Birthdays, Holidays etc. Underwear, socks, and tools are his thing. Although I would love to get him something else, I am not and I am just going to keep it simple. So, I am going on my Amazon app to shop for Father’s Day for my pops. Since I am a prime member-I will receive my items in two days as well.

I adore the fact that Amazon has something for men who are into Auto&Tools as well as Tech. There is a balance! They also have great ideas for gifts under $20 to $500. I highly recommend if you have no idea where to go or what to get-Check out Amazon first. Below, I create this Father’s Day Gift Guide under $100 from Amazon. It’s has everything covered from the Tech Guy to the Handyman.

Father's Day gift guide
  1. Tool Set $29.99
  2. Mechanics Tools Set. $79.99
  3. Amazfit BIP Watch. $79.99
  4. . VR (Virtual Reality) Camcorder headset. $29.99
  5. Coffee Maker $54.99
  6. Knife Set $40.99

Have you started shopping for Father’s Day? Have you gathered some items from other Father’s Day Gift guides? Comment and share below.

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