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Goals 2018

goals 2018

I remember vividly writing down this goal. To attend NYFW as a blogger and wardrobe stylist. This past season I did it!

Goals 2018

Taking a break away from gift guides and ootd to give you guys some deets for 2018. I am happy and beyond excited that the New Year is on its way! Although it came pretty fast, I am excited to write down what I want and share it with you. Last weeks post was having the factors that you need to keep this dream alive. Now we just have to write it down. Note, don’t share your goals with everyone.

There maybe someone who doesn’t believe in you and what you want to do. The thing that I’ve learned throughout my 20s was to keep certain ish to yourself and share some with others that you trust.  So with you being my readers, I want to share some great things with you that you can look forward to and also hold me accountable!

So let’s get to it!

Goals for the Blog:

*Keep the content coming pumping out but on a consistent basis. (Mercedes Benz is one of them)

*Grow readership.

*Keep Learning.

*Expand to Youtube and create videos.

Personal Goals.

*Move to Los Angeles, Ca.

*Travel more.

*Eat healthier (Again lol)

*Being consistent with updating my Gratitude Journal.

*Read 1 book a month.

What are some goals that you have in mind that you would like to share? Remember write them down and visit this blog post for more tips. Share and comment below


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