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Trusting your gut Instincts

Trusting your gut Instincts

Hello my Snobs, so I recently had the chance to get some amazing sushi dinner after getting back into the groove from the Holidays. Me and a blogger babe of mine, we chatted and discovered men they just don’t really know how to communicate or just be up front.

I just recently open myself up to dating and it’s so far….is a waste of my damn time lol. Free food is a perk but shit I can buy me that. I don’t go out looking for anything, really I just mind my own business and enjoy the company of the people I came there with. Now if a guy engages in conversation with me and I decided I want to get to know him more…I’ll get his number (don’t ask for anything, just take down his number) . Fast forward….when out on a date, and or we just casually have conversation (I don’t ask men out, that’s not our job).  There is just no response after that or they get back to your days and weeks or way weeks later talking about. If you are into a person, just say that, if not just say that too. Fear of rejection, whatever! I believe you’ve gotten rejected for a credit card or two so whatever.

”Hey what’s up?”…….ummmm nothing not a damn thing!

Personally, I really don’t have time for games or playing hard to get. Life is too short and we are all too busy in life. Just mirror their behavior, and this just don’t go for the men you’re dating, hell with everyone.

LOL!!! I think I am just about to make 2016 the year of “IDAF”

Also, because I am too lazy right now I am going to add another post (my original) to the blog post. Go with your gut. Women that intuition we have don’t lie and we are not over reacting or thinking anything. I think we know from the get go that a relationship or a business person is shady or it’s not going to work. But for some damn reason we continue to let the crap go on and happen. And I cannot tell you how many times this has happen to me in many ways. But the one of many things that I love about myself is that I do have the ability to cut the person off cold turkey lol. This also recently happen to me on the date and I should have just left but my dumbass wanted to continue the date.

So trust your gut and listen more…sometimes people just spill their tea.

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