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Good American | What I am adding to my cart.

Good American

Good American is a fashion brand created by Emma Grede and Khole Kardashian. From jeans to athleisurewear, Good American has grown in popularity since its launch in 2016. Now, I never gave the brand any attention. But, I am an avid shopper of Nordstrom.

As a content creator and overall fashion lover, my job is to showcase to you how I would style this or what’s trending. With a background as a fashion stylist, I have a pretty good eye for this. But it wasn’t until this month the Good American is gaining my attention on the LTK platform. LTK, formerly Reward Style is a free platform bloggers use to share links with their readers and audience on their socials. Long story short, it’s the top-selling brand/retailer this month for me.

In January, retailers are marking down Winter items to make way for the Spring season. Althersiure picks from Nordstrom brought in results in January 2020. So I repeated that step. However, the LTK photo I posted in October 2021 was the one that was selling the items. I was intrigued. I then started adding clothes to my cart. I then started creating content centered around the Good American brand and Nordstrom. And now, we’re here!

Below are my top picks from Good American. Versatile items such as bodysuits, denim, and my fave staple item to have, an oversized blazer.

Good American Picks from Nordstrom.

Athlesiure picks

Denim & Bodysuits

Have you heard or purchased anything from the Good American brand? If so comment and share below.

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