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Healthy Habits for 2020, here’s what I am doing.

Healthy Habits for 2020, here’s what I am doing.

Healthy Habits for 2020 and no this will not be about washing your hands. Right now, if you are reading this the world is under anxiety and fear. I say have Faith over Fear, COVID-19 will pass. The world will go back to the way it was sooner than you think. Which means we might be going back to a job or getting a new job. We as humans constantly have to be busy and I must admit I like to work, I don’t mind it at all. Whether it’s my fashion blogging or styling a show for Fashion Week. But, before the year 2019 ended, I started working on a few changes in my life. I wanted to create some healthy habits not just for 2020 but forever. These are the results…

Healthy Habits for 2020


I have accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and savior. I made this decision in 2019. No, I am not perfect and I don’t plan on being. I am not perfect nor better than anyone. I just wanted to change and to be happy. Stop thinking negative thoughts and go after my goals no matter how scary they seemed. This cannot be done on your own will. It says in the Bible that “Watch ,and Peay so that you will not fall into temptation. The Spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.” Matthew 26. I wanted to be happy and my starting place was to develop a relationship with Christ. 

Take time off.//

The body needs rest. We are living in a hustle culture, and will not stop until our body or the government says so. Overworking does have a bad effect on the body. Plan a vacation, take a day or two off work a week. Work smarter not harder.

healthy habits for 2020

Exercise & Eating//

BRUH!!! Never would I thought to be eager to cook Brussels sprouts. I also would have never thought about working out six days a week. Like who is this person? I even created a blog post about a workout wardrobe LOL!!! Talking a small walk in the park or just keeping your body active for 30 min a day is a great start. I took advantage of YouTube and their personal trainers lol. Chole Tingz is a great choice and Annabelle Hayes is a great choice as well. I must say I am feeling better and I am getting stronger every single day.

Reading & Audio.//

I learned about personal development around 2009 or 2010. Personal development teaches and trains mindset. You get what you say and you have what you want even if you don’t. Everything starts with a thought. Daily, I am listening and reading something positive. Popular books, audio for me right now is The science of getting rich by Wallace D Wattles, and The Strangest Secret by Earl Nightengale. Also, Rob Dail who is a personal development coach has a podcast on Spotify called TheMindet Mentor. This one is a great listen as well.

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If the people you are hanging are not growing, motivating you or inspiring you-move on. There’s nothing there, you are the sum total of the 5 people you hang around. And if they are negative, all broke, just like to hang and party, then what does that make you. Protect your environment and peace.

Comment and share below what are your faves Healthy Habits you’re doing for 2020?

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