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Holiday Outfit Inspo- Dresses

Holiday Outfit Inspo- Dresses

Holiday Outfit Inspo pt2

With Halloween finally out of the way, let’s now put our focus on the Holiday events. November and December are jam packed with fun events! From Gala’s, office parties to hosting your own- you need the perfect dress for every occasion. Luckily for you, this snob created this blog post for sometime ago for Holiday Outfit Inspo . I have also taken the time out to browse, and literally checkout some great dresses to have for all of these occasions mention above.

Remember these few things when shopping:

  • Purchase a dress that you’re going to get some use out it-wear it more than once!
  • Make sure it’s comfortable and you feel confident.
  • make sure you already have shoes to go with it (hey we’re gonna have other stuff to by later this month!) and make sure they’re comfortable.
  • It’s okay to not match from head to toe unless it’s all black…it’s dope.


Whether you’re the Boss or married to him, you need to be appropriated yet still comfortable-chic. Here are my go to dresses for showing up. Stand out and show your style off, it’s completely okay to let everyone know you have great style to match your personality!

  1. Lace Insert Pleated Midi Dress. $72

2. Ballina Metallic Fringed Mini Dress. $695

     3. Fringed Metallic Knitted Mini Dress. $2,300


Honestly it depends on the TYPE of Gala that your attending. Be sure to check the invitation but for this post, it’s formal.  If there’s a slit, make sure it’s tasteful, plunging neckline, cover the nips up. Just be classy and a lady but always sexy.

  1. Strapless high/low Stain gown. $230

2. Velvet Maxi Dress. $99

3. Embroidery Floral Tulle Dress. $695

When you’re hosting at home, you want to be as comfortable as possible. Why? Because you’re usually half- naked or in PJs. Here are a few dresses that will wow your guest and that you can wear elsewhere.

  1. Sequin Midi Dress w/ open back $46

2. Sliver Metallic Gown. $216

3. Long Lace Sleeve Dress. $1,990


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