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Honestly….I can wait

Honestly….I can wait

Entry #14 (I think )


Have not written an entry in a while. I miss writing these but I also haven’t had anything on my mind….Until now..

 At the start of May I attended two weddings back to back in the same weekend. I remember a family member saying “I cannot wait for you to get married.” Honestly… I can wait. Mentally, I can wait and prepare myself for the man God has for me. I can say that I release some type of “I don’t need a man or whatever” energy- because most went from staring (which they still do) to actually having a conversation with me.

You guys I am seriously wanting to get my money up and move to LA that’s the goal lol. Now I would love to share my life with my perfect guy. But right now, I am not in rush. If he comes along great, if not that’s great. I am not sure what it is but that has never been an issue to me-Rush into a relationship. Or worrying about getting married before xyz age.

This guy I randomly met 2 weeks ago- I hate to say it but it felt like he just  wanted to have sex with him. The entire conversation we were having when we met (which he basically sat down at a bar, I was minding my own business) its was a friendly conversation. As soon as he got my number he went there! Like WTF you just met me!!!!

So that was cut fast and quick. Honestly…I can wait. 


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