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How to: Attend some dope events this year!

How to: Attend some dope events this year!

x How to attend some dope events this year! x

Last year was nothing but amazing when it came to attending events. One in particular was attending the Vanity Fair Social Club Hollywood campaign in Los Angeles for Oscars week. Not only was I completely spoiled, but I feel in LOVE with Los Angeles California personally (because for a long time it was just a faraway dream to love that place) and I finally got the chance to meet some dope bloggers too!

Beauty Director of Vanity Fair SunHee Grinnell Interviews Beyonce’s Makeup Artist SirJon …He told me primer wasn’t as important


While I was there, I also attended a celebrity gifting lounge that was held inside of the Luxe hotel.


Reality TV Star Laura Govan.

Back home in Saint Louis, Mo, there were a few events that beyond amazing during the Summer as well.

@BotanticalGardens – My Adventures with Cocktails


Yes majority of events you are invited too, but the best way to get your foot in the door (literally) is to reach out and in so many words ask.

The person you need to contact is the Public Relations and or Media person in charge. The information should be available on the company or events website. Once you figure out who to contact, be sure to include their name. But if there is no name, To whom it may concern works wonders.



Despite what people may say or think, whether it’s your business or just something to do. You have leverage. Be sure to have your mediakit (send everything in a link-not an attachment) if you don’t have, get one it’s much easier to send off. Be sure to include your stats and the reason you want to attend. Remember, these individuals are busy and they need to get through emails fast.


I am the content creator and owner of The Pink

I am contacting you with regards to attending CHRISTAIN DIOR fashion show in Paris for Fashion week for women’s RTW 2017 . My recent engagement  both on social media and my blog site has been amazing within the last quarter. Outside of being a blogger, I am also a wardrobe stylist. I would love to produce any exclusive content on my site as well as BTS live content on my social media channels. I believe with my skillset as a blogger and a stylist, we would collaborate great together! Here I have attached the link to my mediakit,do please let me know if you need additional information, I would be happy to set up a call to discuss further


If it’s someone you worked with previously, be sure to mention that in the email along with the information I mention above.

Templates: (actual email I haven sent) 

Hope this email finds you well!I previous worked with MOBOT for the Summer for Adventures with cocktails! Would like to attended Spirits in the Garden as well. Do please let me know if you need any additional information. Link to media kit.
 I do apologize if you are not the direct contact person, I was unable to locate AJ’s information. 
Thank you 
I hope this helps you out a ton! See you at the next major event! BTW, did this help you? Are you going to use the info? Would love to hear follow ups!

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