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How to build confidence with short hair.

How I build my confidence

Today on currentlyKesh, I am sharing how to build confidence with a low haircut. It was a transition that happened by mistake. What was supposed to be a pixie style turned into a big chop. In all honesty, I needed it. I wasn’t taking care of my hair the way I was supposed to. For women with my hair type, we need more maintenance than shampoo and conditioning. It’s the oils, the deep conditioning, and hours of convincing ourselves to get up and do this work lol. So, I went to a barbershop and got my hair cut for the first time. My hair has never been this low. And honestly, I was afraid of looking like a man or my head being toooo big. Talk about a fresh start!

Nonetheless, it’s been a great experience and if you are thinking about cutting your hair girl this blog post is for you. So let’s get into this blog post!

Visiting Chicago
How I build my confidence

How to build confidence with a lowcut hairstyle.

Versatile Fall Fashion

-How to build confidence, Looking at inspo from Pinterest-

Of course, Pinterest is my go-to for all things inspired. But when it came to making the decision to finally cut my hair-Pinterest was my inspo.

– How to build confidence Receiving great complements-

Got so many compliments from this look. Guys still checking me so it was all good as well. lol

Wearing makeup and jewelry more

I am a comfortable homebody by nature. I’d rather rock a baseball cap and loungewear any day. But I’ve found a healthy balance between dressing down and dressing up. I even started to add more jewelry to my collection. Along with more hats that are not baseball.

Rocking TF out of my short style

Mindset is everything. I cannot express how much this. As I mentioned before, this was my first time having a natural low cut. So on top of a cute outfit and a killer smile, I slowly came into my own. Yes, you can too!

Hair products I use:

Comment below and share a few confidence tips of your own.

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