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Hubble Contacts, My review.

Hubble Contacts, My review.

Hubble contacts piqued my interest while searching up contact lenses. While in search for the best price that visual insurance can buy, I came across Hubble. After reading some reviews online and checking out my options, I decided to give this company a try. The $1 trial offer helped too! Here at TSP we are always searching for a great deal if it helps!

The Process.

Once placing your eye exam info in, Hubble will then send you over your 15-day trial box for just $1. The remainder is charged $33 (something) to your card after the 15 days are over with. Hubble will then send you the remaining days. Be sure to cancel your subscription if you are not interested in Hubble before your trial is over. Hubble contacts also offers 20% other contact brands. The shipping time is fast, and the process is easy and painless.

Pros & Cons.

They are disposable so I don’t have to spend my Chiptople or coffee money towards contact solution. Pro

It’s a great price for those who do not have visual insurance-pay straight out of pocked and you are covered for a month. Pro

While I am so used to the brand that is prescribed to me by my eye doctor, Hubble contacts fit comfortably and I have no problems of them. I have had no issues and they can come in handy while I am in between check-ups and etc.

They do tend to dry up later at the end of the day. However, this was in my first two days of wearing the Hubble contacts. I believe my eyes were either getting use to them or they just got dried up .

Have you or are you willing to give Hubble contacts a try? Comment below and share your thoughts below.


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