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I ordered the top-rated sports bra on Amazon, and well…

I ordered the top-rated sports bra on Amazon, and well…

I was in search of high impact sports bras on Amazon, and I think I may found a few. Some featured here, here and here. But, I was on a budget, so I went the option to purchase four sports bras for the price of one. My goal this year is to be more physically active. The last thing I want is my boobs to be flopping all over the places when I am doing mountain climbers. So because TPS is a Prime member, I got my sports bars in one day, and this is what happened.

The Look, the style and about the order.

The brand is called FITTING. The packaging is absolutely amazing! There are a total of five sports bars packaged within this clear tote (that I will use for something) with a variety of different colors. I adore the fact that the padding can come out too! Great quality, can be hand or machine wash.

The Fit.

I ordered a 2xl. My bust is larger than some, these are facts. However, with these types of sports bars, they were always pulling and always too small. That’s why I never purchased them. But, the reviews won me over and the fact that these sports bras came five in a pack for this price I was sold. So I went off instinct and ordered a 2xl. The 2xl fits perfectly! However, when it comes to doing high impact movement, the girls are moving.

Overall Thoughts.

I might consider exchanging them for an XL or L. These bras also don’t have that cup support that I am looking for either. LOL I am totally in the cross between keeping them and returning them. But overall, the quality is great, and they were delivered in exactly one day which is always a great thing. They are for sure super comfy and I cannot express how much a relief that is. Sports Bras.

Do you have any recommendations for high impact sports bras? Are you being consistent in working out this year? Have you ever purchased any sports bras on Amazon? Comment and share below.

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