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i won! Review #GreenLiving


As I stated previously before in my blog post last week, I am an avid snack lover (Have you checked out my Instagram? LOL )! My snack of choice is chocolate, cookies., ice cream….should I go on? LOL. But I know that even the smallest and tiniest change within my diet can make a difference.

About iwon!!

iwon are protein chips are all natural, organic, and non-GMO chips on the market! They come in a variety of flavors such as Sea Slat, BBQ,  Ranch, Cinnamon French toast, and Sriracha! Each bag contains 20 grams pf protein, which is perfect amount for someone on a high protein diet. iwon protein chips were created because the CEO and founder Mark Samuel saw a gap within the market- being limited to only protein bars, and a high majority of the bars were NOT ALL NATURAL.

Where can I purchase iwon Chips?

For a complete full list, email

Order boxes of 8 fo $27.92 on the website






My Review:

It is for an acquired taste. I received two bags of chips from iwon (Pepper & Cinnamon) Cinnamon was a bit tastier than the pepper. Personally, I cannot get pass the taste (I am still transitioning lol ) but over all, this is a great alternative than any brand of chips that were advertised during this year’s Superbowl. 


Thanks iwon for sponsoring this post!


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