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Introduction to Snob Luxe

Introduction to Snob Luxe

032So Snobs I really have not been myself on this blog. What I mean is that I simply haven’t showned my Snob side. it’s been a year and two month since I made a choice to take my blog seriously. I want to make this a business, additional stream of income and most of all entertaining and inviting. One choice I am going to make in particular is being a Snob. From food, to transportation, spas you name it.

Now we all pretty much know the definition of a Snob. I define it more than that. It’s a person who knows their worth and simply know what they want. A person who is just not going to settle for anything or anyone. Rather you make a million dollar a year or 20,000 a year, you live by these standards and you really can give a damn about what anyone else says. IMG_05701 (1)

Snob Luxe will be based on Luxury items. I’ve always been drawn to that lifestyle although I came from humble beginnings. Cars, Real Estate, Jewerly, Fashion, etc. So this is a warning to someone who think it’s insane to pay $2,000 for a pair of Jimmy Choo boots. Well…no it’s not, and you can leave this section because it’s not for you.


I really believe that if you want it bad enough you’ll have it, and NO this isn’t about being materialistic (which there is nothing wrong with it) it’s about getting it if you want it. Or simply being exposed to something different. I hope to see your Comments and Share.

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