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It’s World Lash Day, here’s our brand of choice.


In honor of World Lash Day today, I teamed up again with Esqido to show off my awesome mink eyelashes. While buying false lashes online may not be your thing, Esqido is the top brand of choice.  The Esqido brand has a large selection of false lashes that you can shop from.

Their selection features fine and full Mink lashes and Unisyn which is their premium synthetic line of lashes. The eyelashes that were sent to me were LashloretteNebula, and my favorite Voila. I have been wearing false lashes since I was 16. So I am very picky when it comes to lashes and I must say the Mink selection of false lashes that Esqudio provides is top-notch.

These are the Volia lashes.

Esqido also provides its own extra hold lash glue. Which comes in a well-packaged tube that’s not messy, and provides a generous amount of product. With the proper care, Esqido lashes shelf life is up to 60days. Be sure to properly clean your false lashes after wearing them. Gently remove the old glue and makeup from the lash band. 


With incredible prices and wonderful quality, Esqido lashes are the number one choice. This is just time for the Holiday season. 

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Blush- Color Wine

Liquid Lipstick/ Self-Starter but I do like this shade as well.

Highlight/RoseGold Molten

Press Powder/ MOCHA 

Foundation/ Urban Dream-Toffee

Mascara for bottom lashes.

Use the code THEPINKSNOB to received %10 off your entire order!

Lashes and products were gifted by Esqido. This blog post contains affiliate links.


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