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Kat Von D Super Brow Pomade

Kat Von D Super Brow Pomade

I received this product as a free sample

Happy MakeupMonday Snobs! I received some goodies in the mail, and I am excited to share them with you.

Please note, I am not a professional makeup artist. My tips are solely given from my personal experience and what works well with my skin type and tone. 

Kat Von D Super Brow Pomade-

I wasn’t so sure about this Pomade at first, because it was new. Me personally, I’ve gotten so use to using this certain popular brand that are known for eyebrows. So when this came in the mail, yes I was hesitant.

If you’ve seen me without makeup, you know I have “barely there” brows. Gladly for me, the Kat Von D Super brow pomade was worth the try and worth wearing.  This brow pomade is the new line of many that Kat Von D’s beauty brand has to offer. With a variety of colors, I’ve chosen my natural color, medium brown and it was absolutely amazing. Great texture, glides on smoothly, highly pigmented and it stays on well. A little goes a long way, especially if it’s being used on a daily basis.

Kat Von D Pomade Brow Brush-

Kat Von D Super Brow Pomade

I do adore this brush and how well it works with the Brow Pomade. Although its synthetic, this brush works wonders. It’s certainly a tool I would invest along with recommending it too.  In conclusion, there’s nothing bad I can say on behalf of this new line. Wheather you are perfecting the eyebrows you have or creating entirely new ones, I would highly recommend the Kat Von D Super Brow Pomade.


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