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Kawaii Girls Cosmetics…2 MONTHS LATER!

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Kawaii Girl Cosmetics-2 Months Later….


We are back with another Makeup Monday, and before we get into this post. I am trash lol because there were situations going on and long story short, I am finally getting around to showcase these lashes. Dorin, the creator, and owner- thanks girl so much!! 

I just want to say that I am not a guru nore a professional makeup artist.
I use Youtube and are friendly with people who know how to do makeup.


I’ve worked with this brand before, read it here sometime last year! The same great quality and style. The most important thing about this brand is that these lashes can be worn up to 20x! In my case, it’s more like a million times because I had them since February 24 LOL. Toyko & Ebisu are the lashes that were sent to me in the mail. Lastly, I do adore how these lashes -if kept in good condition can last a very long time. Great quality, great price range, and overall they are totally wearable for an everyday look. Sometimes all you need and just eyeliner and some lashes!








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