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Knowing the truth about MYSELF

Hey Jems!

So I usually write about my lifestyle and etc. but today it’s different. Outside of the fact that there are no events lol but still. You can call this a “rant” or “vent” but going into the New Year I believe people should set standards and goals. I never believed on resolutions, maybe because they never worked for me or because I never worked them. The fact is that over the years especially this year, and the environment I work in, YOU need to know how important you are. Meaning knowing who you are and whose you are.

I never been apart of the clique or the popular kids crew in school or whatever, and that is okay. I am the only child so…I kind of know how to play my own game. I just see so many people that are fake in front of another person’s face try so hard. I never believed in that, I believe in hard work and having a true and genuine friendship or relationship with anyone. I believe that I or anyone else dose not have to kiss someone’s butt just to get ahead. I believe God can open doors that no man can shut.

I do seem to go out of my way for people a lot simply because I like that person. They are fun, funny, business minded,we have a lot in common and that’s basically it. But I’ve been feeling drain lately and I believe that’s really what the drainage is. BUT NOT ANYMORE I WILL NOT!. And this doesn’t mean I won’t talk to you or etc, I will just simply take in what I am given. If you know me or have gotten to know me personally you know that I am the sweetest person on the entire Earth, but if something is out of order I’ll let you know. And if there’s anything you want to know, ask, don’t send a mail man.

 Going into this next year, I am going to have a lot on my plate, taking on new clients, re branding my blog and etc and I am excited about the future! To be completely focus on a mission and get it done. I hope next year brings every one of my readers and anyone that comes across this blog may you have nothing but great success in love and life.

Happy New Year!

My top 5 goals

5) Finally learn French.
4) Drop 30 more pounds.
3) Grow clients in my styling & blogging empire.
2) Love & Laugh more.
1) Spiritual time with God.


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