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Las Vegas 2018

Las Vegas 2018

Las Vegas 2018


It’s Tuesday and if you’ve been following me on Instagram (and you should), you would notice I recently came back from Las Vegas.

A vacation well needed and well spent in the Sun, by the pool enjoying 80 degrees plus weather. I celebrated my cousin birthday for the entire four days (because I am 30 I am celebrating all year) Las Vegas was the target destination. Can I tell you that I got lit on the plane even before I landed, shout out to American Airlines- there are perks to being an Advantage member!

Day 1.  Was pretty chill. Out area was downtown Las Vegas. Very old Vegas, and cheaper for people who are looking for fun things to do that’s on a budget. Also, the best area to purchase souvenirs too. We did some walking around Fremont Street and the Freaks were out that night. Some had talent, some showed their boobs or their dicks which was covered up-THANK GOODNESS!!

Day 2 Was getting sun in the AM chilling by the pool at on the Strip at Caesars Palace. Yes, the majority of the time was spent getting sunkissed by the sun. Oh and that was before we got stopped by the Chippendale strippers that were hanging out on Fremont street. NO, you will not see pictures LOL….naw bruh.

Day 3. I believe we went to the strip, lol. Or started the day there, not sure. But we did go back to the strip because we ended up Partying at TAO.

Overall it’s a great trip and honestly, I can see myself going back once again later on this year.

//Travel Tips//

las vegas2018

*Take the bell trans shuttle, it’s only $10 and honestly it’s a round trip to and from the airport if your hotel doesn’t provide it.


*Switch it up, a bit if you plan on staying in Vegas. Strip and Downtown Fremont street. And if you do, transportation is easy, the metro bus is a short 10 min ride each way and the cost is $8. The ticket last for 24 hours.


*Buy alcohol at the liquor store. I love a good frozen drink and honestly, I hardly taste any liquor in my drink with the exception of Numb (inside Harris and Caesar) get lit walking around with a flask.


*Sign up for the rewards cards at every hotel. Although some hotels like the MGM Grand and Monte Carlo, NewYork NewYork are together. There are stand alone hotels like The Cosmopolitan and Treasure island that are seperate. Discounts and free credit play are just a few perks for signing up with the hotel card. I believe I have over 5.


Is there anything that I missed? Comment and share below!


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