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Lifestyle: My outfit and my top 6 items to start the work day!

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When I work everything has to be relaxing and in order. Below are a few items I NEED to have in order to get the work day started.

1) Computer- Well duh right. But seriously, a good ol’ laptop or desk top is need. And to work properly.

2) Music- I listen to everything from 80’s Def Leppord  to Beyonce. It set my mood and tone for everything right in the now.

3) Calender/ Day planner- I am taking my blog serious this year meaning I need content for you guys to read. Seriously I can’t to every event every day. Besides St. Louis is not a party every day city like Los Angeles or New York.  And I am a stylist and personal shopper so I need to make sure that me an d my clients were all on the same.

4) Coffee or Food- I am not fan of coffee like “Oh I have to have it” Its more like “White chocolate   lattes are my thing” especially if I go to a cafe.

5) Internet- A good wi-fi or fast speed internet will do for me. (Try AT&T)

6) Note book- I always had to be prepared of what I want to do next and take notes. I like to write ideas down and also emails to keep address to have a written record on hand.

What are some of the items you need in order to start your day?

In my head wish it was in my closet.


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