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Loreal Paris- Revitalift Volume Filler

Hey Snobs

So I want to get this review done before my busy week took place! So Let’s get started…

I actually received a beauty box from Influencer VOXBOX with new product from Lorel. Now although this is a sponsored post I have to be completely honest.

What’s Inside the Box?
Night and Day cream, eye cream & serum. Great packaging and boxing!


I didn’t see a use for this product simply because I don’t have wrinkles and crows feet. But I was curious to see if I did use this product:
A) Would my face look like 5 year- old again?
B) When I do get older, like 80 would I have no wrinkles?

LOL The older women in my family don’t have crows feet and wrinkles and if they do it’s very thin where you cannot see them. #Blackdontcrack

But! Although I don’t have all these issues yet, I still went by the rules used the products step by step. With that being said I do think this product is great for women who are 30 plus of a different race group. I however will continue to use the day cream (which is missing SPF) and the day cream. I have no use for eye cream or serum.

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