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#LTKCyberWeek Sale | Here’s what to buy!

#LTKCyberWeek sale

There’s no doubt that we’ve entered the best part of the year when it comes to sales and shopping. The #LTKCyberWeek sale starts soon, 11/21-24 to be exact. Here’s the chance to shop exclusive sales from well-known retailers and brands. Remember, this sale only takes place within the LTK app. If you are not in the know yet, the LTK app is a FREE shopping app that you can download on your phone. It’s compatible with Andriod and Apple devices. This is a great way to follow your favorite influencers, shop their closet, create a favorites list, see if that sofa chair you wanted has gone on sale, and more. Here’s your chance to head over to my personal LTK profile to save, shop and repeat! Yes, all from your phone!

LTK has partnered with retailers such as Boohoo, Forever21, Express, and more. I’ve rounded up a few items that you should invest in from each retailer. Winter coats, loungewear sets, and more.

#LTKCyberWeek Sale.


Express: While this retailer has been hitting the mark over the past seasons, their wool coat line has really caught my eye. Along with their popular leggings. Get $15 off $150 purchases. The offer is stackable. Meaning if you have other coupons to use-do that!

Boohoo: Been shopping this retailer for years and consistently this year! From loungewear to winter coats to holiday dresses, below are a few items to add to your cart now. 64% off everything!!!

Forever21: You always need something from this retailer. So I just rounded up a few popular picks to get you started. Get 17% off purchases. Shackets anyone??

Did anything catch your eye? Are you shopping the #LTKCyberWeek sale? Comment and share below.

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