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Luxury designer dupes website DHg Gate | Here’s what I ordered.

Luxury designer dupe websites have been on the rise for quite sometime. I’ve been eyeing this Louis Vuttion Empreinte BumBag for quite some time. However, I am not ready to splurge $2,000 plus on a bag, so I headed to DH Gate to find a dupe. Also, I could not find this bag on the Louis Vuttion website. Anyways, we’re saving money instead! If you’ve been following me on social media, you’ll know that I’ve been on a dupe finds since the Summer. I decided to give DH Gate a try since all the girls are going there for their designer dupes. After watching a few good reviews on youtube, I decided to head to the website to shop. Today on the blog, it’s all about this dupe review. So let’s get into this review!

First Impression:Louis Vuttion Empreinte BumBag.

The Process:
The few tips that stood out from the Youtube vids I’ve studied.

  1. Make sure each store that has the product you want, has photos and reviews.
  2. Type in the actual name of the item you are looking for. For example, you are looking for Louis Vuttion Archlight sneakers. Type in “Archlight Sneakers” in the search bar. The items will automatically show up. Also, because everything has an algorithm, more stores that carry these dupes will pop up as well.
  3. Be prepared to wait two weeks or a month for your items to arrive. They are coming from China ya’ll. So have patience and check the tracking often. My bag did arrive in two weeks to the date.
  4. Study the dupe you want to buy. Make sure every detail is exactly how it is on the real thing.

The bag came taped up and wrapped in regular packing paper. To see the full unboxing, view here. There was a Louis Vuttion duter bag-no box. Protection wrap covered the handles and bag straps.

The Price:
Under $100 and the site offered me a coupon and the total price was $53. 01.
The Louis Vuttion Bum Bag retails for $2,000 on the Louis Vuttion website. But I’ve found a few on resale sites here and here. But these have sold out. And some resale sites are selling this bag for around $4k-ABSOUTELY NOT!!

The overall reveal:
I am impressed. The quality looks excellent. There was a faux leather smell-but nothing stinky worthy lol. I am a sucker for anything that’s black leather with gold hardware. It’s the best combination. The bags look identical to the real thing except for the serial number and the made-in-USA tag. Other than that, it’s the perfect dupe!

I have a few ways I am going to style this bag. For the most part, it will be an errand-running bag. I could also possibly add a casual touch to my dressed-up outfit.

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