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Madamemadeline eyelash Review


Oh snap back to back blog post. I was gone for minute now I am back with the jump off!!! Okay let me get into this review!

Those who know me know I love me some eyelashes. I am not a professional make up artist or anything like that but at the same time, eyelashes dose something for me that mascara can’t do. Now if I cannot get a hold of any lashes, there is a Dior mascara that I will use. But other than that eyelashes are my thing!!!!!!!!!!!!

When I was sent these pretty lashes from Madamemadelin, I was super excited and couldn’t wait to wear them. (Name and info below)

010 039

V Luxe 100% Virgin Remy Hair Chloe Lashes by i-Envy (Kiss)


V Luxe 100% Virgin Remy Hair Ella Lashes by i-Envy (Kiss)

1 i-Envy Super hold adhesive
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