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Men’s Fashion

 I love men there for I had to talk about men’s fashion (and I was also issued a somewhat challenge by someone to write this blog lol). So with that being said. I have grown up, personally I thought that dreads and saggy pants and Jordan’s made the appearance of a guy attractive. But I was a little girl look at little boys. So being 26 I have gotten and gain more into my reality.

Which is men in slacks, pants, and a suit. Not even jeans. (okay maybe jeans because Beckham makes them look good) but it really depends on how the man wears the jeans. Me personally Skinnies on dudes is still something I have to get use to but at the same it can be a fail or win. Below I have some pictures of style I want to share with you. That I think are in. I really hope men keep these looks. But I know that fashion changes every second so I will just have to live in the moment everyday. 🙂

Also or men reading this which I hope I have male readers… Express has a amazing selections of items when it comes to slacks and colorful button down shirts. H&M and also certain thrift stores to save money or if you are on a budget.



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