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Taking a mental break | Follow these 7 steps.

Mental breaks are important in life. I believe I really didn’t come to terms with this until 2020. The world stopped and the go-getters were forced to rest. This included yours truly. From life to social media I just wanted to rest. I think also not only myself, but most people were taking time to heal from long-term survival. What do I mean? Well, this can go into another blog post (click here to catch up on However, most of us are consciously and subconsciously in a spiritual battle of fighting and releasing generational curses and trauma. With decades of building up, this can be both physically and mentally draining. We can overwork, have sex constantly, and drink alcohol to distract us but the trauma will still be there. The curses will still be there.

Again, this can be another blog post.

Nonetheless, I needed this reset to heal, reorganize, and strategize. I wasn’t going to come back to social media and promote anything if I knew the future me will not push past the future obstacles. Life always happens and gets in the way, but the future me deserves more. And with the hectic holiday season coming, content creators are pumping out more content than ever. The balance of work, rest, and play cannot seem to co-exist. Below I am sharing a few tips that have helped me. Keep scrolling to read more.

Here are 7 ways you can contribute to your Mental Break.

1. Working out.

I am here to build the glutes and get the gains. However, I feel so much better after a great workout. I even notice it when I haven’t exercised in weeks. I am like “OH I NEED TO WORK OUT AND NOW!”

2. Eating Clean fruits and veggies on a regular basis.

Yeah, I am still working on this lol. But I must say I love a good frozen veggie smoothie. 

3. Spending time with God.

There’s nothing better than building your relationship with the Lord. He’s amazing. 

4.  Spending time outside

There’s nothing like spending time out in the sun. Spending time out in Godcraetion-the best thing!

5) Do nothing for an hour or 2. 

 Give yourself an hour throughout the day to just laugh or do nothing. You will feel lazy, but it’s worth it.

6) Sleep and sleep good.

It might be a hard thing to do for some but get much-needed rest. Take a nap if you have to. 

7) Give your MIND the mental a break. 

Stop thinking the worst about things that haven’t happened yet. Stop focusing on things you cannot control. Don’t be anxious about anything. Don’t think about the past, and always learn from your mistakes. This takes time but once you get a hold of this, you’ll be happier.

Mental Breaks

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This blog post contains affiliate links.

xo, Lakeshia

This blog post contains affiliate links.


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