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More Beauty products for the Body.

More Beauty products for the Body.

Here is another blog post of more beauty products for the body. If you haven’t checked out my previous blog post regarding skincare, this is a follow-up. Of course with the current events of the world, Salons and Spas are slowly opening up. But, I have come accustomed to having my own spa services at home. To be on the safe side, TPS invested in a few beauty products to tackle my skin concerns and to maintain this glowing skin.

Body creams, masking, and more, I’ve rounded up a few new items to add to the list. My concerns are still hyperpigmentation, razor bumps in certain areas, and keratosis pillars. Which are slowly fading away, but I have decided to invest in additional products to tackle my concerns as well as self-care.

Body Creams and scrubs-

Of course, Shea Butter will always be on my list. However, I am correcting my mistakes from shaving. Ingrown hairs, razor bumps, and keratosis pilaris. The brand Skinfix, both the cream and Glycolic Renewing Body Scrub. Right now, this is the only body cream I am using until my concerns clear up. However, that’s not stopping me from stocking up on my favorite Shea butter, and oils from these brands below.

Waxing and Shaving

So I’ve been shaving wrong this entire time and my body shows its lol. I am making up for that now by exfoliating, using the right shaving methods and creams. I ordered a wax set from Flamingo, and everything is under $20. For the body, the face, and pubic, these wax sets feature no waxing, no heating.

Now I highly recommend you READ the directions. Please don’t wax your vagina ladies-lol, these strips are NOT for that area. Flamingo also has a shaving set (here too) that I actually received as an exchange. I am not a fan of the body strip, my underarms and legs still hair on them. The razor is the best one I’ve come across-its better than the Venus Gillette razor! It’s a keeper!

Tip: Clean your razor with alcohol on a cotton pad. You can get up to two uses after cleaning it. Also- you cannot forget Sunscreen, I featured some products I am using from Supergoop. Enjoy shopping the blog post below!

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