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How I stay motivated to workout.

Ever wondered how I stay motivated to work out every other day? Like actually working to gain your breath back on purpose?? Well todays blog post I am sharing a few tips that keep me motivated. It actually started in 2020 when the world was forced to be home. I started cooking my own food more and more along with discovering workouts via YouTube. Honestly, Youtube and Pinterest help ya girl when it came to my overall fitness journey. While I was only consistent for a while, starting back up is harder than stopping. Besides, this time around I am looking to gain gains, amazing results, and to just be overall healthy inside and out. Exercising is no joke, but once your consistent-it gets better and easy along with becoming part of your lifestyle.

How I stay motivated to workout.

Breaking family health cycles.

I love junk food and was raised on southern food. However, while greens and blackeye peas are good-having the cornbread and fried chicken with it all the time is not. Let’s not forget about the main character-The Mac and cheese. This goes for alcohol too. Taking medication for the rest of my life is realistic for me, but it is for some people. Black American families have a history of high cholesterol, diabetes, and blood pressure-I am not claiming that. I am claiming a well-balanced diet that will stay with me for life. 

Fashionable sets to wear.

Can we just say that working out is so much better when it’s a cute outfit involved? I mean I am all here for fashion and any chic athleisure wear. Some great picks are featured here, here, and here. I am also quite fond of Under Armour too. Their sports bra matches all of the high-impact workouts to keep the girls in. I purchased the Infinity High Sports bra.

Just go, Just do it.

Since I’ve been in Chicago, I’ve discovered Studio 3. They have multiple locations with a few classes to choose from. So far my favorites are Cycle with Samantha J (She’s no longer there, but STU is great and his music is lit!) and Torch/ full-body workouts with Danielle B. I’ve been working out consistently 4-5x per week and it’s been amazing for mental clarity and sleep. Along with eating some amazing foods too lol. I make it a goal to pack my workout clothes. That way I am holding myself accountable. On the days I cannot make it, I would just work out with a resistance band and my own body weight. 

Also, check out ClassPass, it’s an app that I use to work out and try a few different gyms within my area.

Click here to check drop-in on a class @studio3 for $15.

Weights vs Cardio.

You need both. They go hand in hand and it just makes sense to do for the results you want. Most women are afraid to get bulky but that’s not the point. Your getting toned. Lifting weights burn more fat and I honestly love lifting anyway. There’s just something about being out of breath that doesn’t sit well with me. 

Feeling Good and Eating food!

Lastly, another way I stay motivated to workout is to overall feel good. While the workout is a pain sometimes-I feel better, I sleep better. Most of all, my body has done this before so I am building memory muscle and it gets easier. As far as food, I eat whatever I want to eat. But I have also learned what to eat and moderation. You can have the cookie or fries-just not every day.

So there you have it. These are a few things that keep me motivated to workout. Comment below and share your thoughts. Do you excersie? If so what keeps you motivated?


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