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My Adventures with Cocktails//

My Adventures with Cocktails//

My Adventures with Cocktails

Boto Garden shot 1I kicked off my weekend by attending the SOLD OUT event held in the beautiful and majestic Botanical Gardens located in Saint Louis,Mo. The massive heat wave had seriously calmed down and it made the outdoor event a pleasurable experience. This was my first event, and my family and I had a great time!

After I received my souvenir cup, I headed straight for food, let’s be honest, I haven’t had a meal since 3pm and I wasn’t cooking later…this my was my dinner!! Unlimited Vodka and Bourbon samples by local owners. MasterMind Vodka had their Moonshine (the hottie bartender guy didn’t have any more mixers so he gave to me straight…it took me 30 min to finish it) and their signature vodka which if you never had it, it’s certainly ultra smooth and does not have the harsh taste as others. I am a wine girl through and through, I would take that over anything. But, this event presented to me some great tasting Gin, Vodka, Whiskey, and Bourbon liquors that are made and produce locally in Saint Louis.  



I finally made my way to the to the most popular line of the night, Lion’s Tooth Liqueur. And after several samples, I now realize why it this line was so popular! It’s smooth, sweet and also refreshing and it’s my type of drink, I hardly tasted the Brandy foundation within the drink. Now, honestly because of so many samples, I want to say the name of the drink I had was Dandelion Sangria Punch. From the music, the food and the samples on hand, Adventures with Cocktails was an amazing event and I looking forward to next years!



Dandelion Sangria Punch recipe:

2 cups Lion’s Tooth

1 bottle dry Pinot

1 cup Lillet Blanc

1 cup Cointreau

1/2 cup orange juice

1/2 cup lemon juice

      1/2 cup simple syrup (equal parts of sugar and water)


This blog post was sponsored by Missouri Botanical Garden.

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