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My mini Haul

My mini  Haul

Hey Jems

So I went to the mall yesterday to walk off a lbs I had put on since Thanksgiving. But I needed to get some make up items that has been on my list for a while. The jeans from H&M just came into being because I walked in there. (Don’t know why I did that.) But you can click the link below to purchase at anytime, and enjoy the pictures.

Clinique ‘Take the Day Off’ Makeup Remover for Lids, Lashes & Lips • Clinique • $9.50–18.50
H&M – 

*So I have been obsession lately with face products wanting to try them and etc. I am in love the the Chanel toner and make up remover, but I decided to try Clinique outside of my fave luxury brand. This comes 3rd after you wash your face. I really want to make sure I remove every aspect of make up because simply, I sleep with my face up on before and it wasn’t a pretty sight for the next few weeks soooo….. yeah. Always have a clean face at night.

Slim-fit Pants – Denim blue – Ladies • H&M • $19.95

* These I had to get because  lost weight, I am a size 12 and these stretch so if I got the 14 then it would have been too too big on me and I am still loosing weight. My goal is to be a 6/8. I work in the fashion world, not the runway tho…I LIKE TO EAT!!

Waterproof Brow Color • Anastasia • $18.00

Classic Brow Filler Brush #100 • Sephora • $10.00

*I actually went the Nordstrom to get the MAC kind but they didn’t have it in my color, So I went and got what I wanted in the first place #Anastasia. I like it so far. It’s better than the pencil

(Although I do believe I am going to purchase the that brow pencil)  I use and with this I have to make sure my keep plenty concealer on deck too! The brush I needed in my collection and it was only $10 but I went to target later that day too and ELF had theirs for $3. (Damn)


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