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My Ultimate Playlist

My Ultimate Playlist

Music has been undoubted the best thing invented outside of the oreo cookie. I workout to it and get my blogging work done with it as well. I just need it in my life it’s just the best thing ever! It also takes the blame for me getting ready, singing along to music while setting my makeup…please I get it in lol!! What sparked me to make this post is that I attended a great event and the host playlist was F’n amazing!! So let’s get this party started!! (Sadly I didn’t like that song that much)


I like all genre types of music, I simply enjoy it all. Country is the one thing I cannot get with (although Sam Hunt is fine as hell) I just never liked it at all. Simply put, I’d like to believe that I was reincarnated because the 80’s gives me  soooo much life.  From Prince (and the movie Purple Rain) to Def Leppard I love it all!! I am a Madonna fan through and through and Douggie Fresh?!?!?!?! Are you kidding me…sick!



I didn’t get that much into the 90’s music until later on. I believe the best R&B music came out in the 90s. Point blank period. Dru Hill, Monica, Mariah Carey…dope! Then there was this alternative artist that I liked and were popular. Sherly Crow, Goo Goo Dolls, and  Matchbox 20.


A world without music would be completely …boring and uninspirational.  Music is like the soundtrack to our life, whether that be in a gym on the treadmill or hard at work. It’s the right up there with food, shelter and clothing. Although this post was made a few days ago, I always come back to read my work. Prince passed away 4/21/2016. Words cannot express how much he will be missed. I believe he influenced so many artist and so many people not only with his music but him being him. I am sad at the fact I won’t be able to see him in concert-I so was waiting on that. But above all I know that Heaven is full of amazing talent. 

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