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My visit to Los Angeles,Ca

“It’s the edge of the world in all of western , the sun may rise in the east, at least it’s settles in a final location, It’s understood that Hollywood sells Californication”

– Red Hot Chili Peppers, Californication

(Photo credit of UDR.COM)

Had the pleasure over the last few weeks to explore a city I’ve always wanted to visit and might live- Los Angeles, California.  Where movies are made and where dreams come true, for most people anyways. So I went there for work and play, but mostly it was play and I had a great time!


Traffic– So I didn’t get to see the horrible traffic on the 405 that everyone was talking about, everything was an easy flow. Depending on where you are going you can use the streets. They let pedestrians have the right away and will stop instantly for you…but…they will run red lights and everyone is in a rush.


Weather- In the am and at night there a chill (also there a weird fog that last until maybe 11 or 12 noon if you are near the beach) other than that, all you need is a leather jacket or a wind breaker. I’ve actually seen people with full on North Face puffer coats on….WTF? 


Neighborhoods- I stayed in Venice, it was close to the beach and I also walked around to Abboit Way (actually a 30 minute walk from where I stayed) which had some great coffee shops, and stores.  Beverly Hills is everything you think it is, nothing but wealth! West Hollywood, I drove past the Sunset Strip- The Whiskey A go go and The Viper Room was still in tact. (Didn’t get pictures, I was enjoying the moment) Also, I stayed at an Airbnb, which was pretty dope, they spoiled me with wine!


Food- For some reason, I didn’t see any damn food trucks on the street the entire time I was there!!! But I did manage to get my In and Out double-double like a million times a day!! There’s a secret menu too…monster fries, the protein– it’s just so much lol and I love it all! My hometown homie who now lives in LA took me to this fancy Mexican restaurant call Mercado in The Hills off Sunset very fancy type, not really the Mexican food I was looking for. The day I left, I treated myself to breakfast back on Abbot Way, 3 Square, so far that’s the best Vanilla Latte I’ve had and I am in awe lol. Their pancakes were made from scratch and everything fresh and tasted very good!


Shopping- I really didn’t do much shopping because after all I would be the one loading and carrying all this crap to the airport. But thank goodness that Southwest gives you two free bags to check in!!


Above all I am so grateful to God for giving me the opportunity to work along Vanity Fair and experience Los Angeles!


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