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Never despise small beginnings and people

-Never despise small beginnings and people-

So I got these nails on and I am trying my best to type. LOL if you follow me on IG you know what I am talking about. Anyway back to the title of this blog…

So I was having brunch Friday with a young woman I met last year. She actually invited me to the launch of her business. She’s new to St.Louis and above all the sweetest person I have ever met. It’s like how can you even be mean to someone like her and not feel bad?

  Anyway, I feel people should be given a chance and also given a chance to redeem themselves. It’s not like anyone on this Earth is perfect or doesn’t have a past.

It seems as if when people reach this status (local my I add you) they get this big stick up their ass because it’s who they have in their Rolodex or whatever. Not saying that you shouldn’t be happy in with your accomplishes but ummm…..humble much??? I am a stylist and a blogger and although I worked with plenty of brands and collaborated with a few designers and etc . I still considered myself GREEN because I know there is a lot to learn in every aspect of what I do.

The reason for this post is to build relationships, get to know a person, and make a connection. You never know what that other person has to offer. Don’t just write them off as less than or not a part of  “The Clique”. It’s crazy that the older you get, that environment still exist.

And while you are on your journey to greatness, you are going to get a lot of no’s and you’re going to get a lot of people they may not want to collaborate with you or work with you and that’s fine. It just means you can’t do it with them.




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