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NYFW19 Recap. Shows and Parties.

NYFW19 Recap. Shows and Parties.

Let’s recap NYFW19 ( New York Fashion Week 2019) for season 2020, shall we…

While I had the privilege and blessing to be invited to shows, I could not produce the content that I wanted to produce because I had to work. I am a fashion stylist, so there were times I had to miss a show or even be late for a show. So With that being said, I was happy to attend the shows mention for the NYFW19 season. Next season will be better content and photos for sure.

Featured below are a few designers who I am checking for next season, along with attending a very nice party for with a very well known designer.

Did I live some of my Sex and the City Moments?….naw not really it was maybe 50/50. People that I wanted to meet up with that I know who live there had to work. So it was a solo trip for me. Which was fine because I flirted with guys and made some great possible friendships.

The Shows.

These shows took place at Spring Studios. BTW Very organized, very nice people who were just doing their job. You better had made sure you have your invite on deck and etc. Showing them an email without that barcode doesn’t matter. FYI, I had photos but who knows what happened to them. I am going to give you what I got. Head over to my insta stories for more I created a highlight.

Damo Wang S/S 2020

Chic fun and throwing it back to the 80s. I can see this being worn on both the runway and on a person walking down the street. It’s all about creativity and I believe that can be crossed over into fashion.


Taoray Wang s/s 2020

Very classic and spring vibes. I do like how this collection is very feminine with a hint of masculine fixes to it. Also, a hint of 1940s theme as well.

The Events. -NYFW19 BumbleBizz.

I am totally grateful that everything was in walking distance.

Since I had time on my hands, I decided to head over to the Bumble event in Soho. I am not a person for online dating. However, I had to download the darn app the get into the event lol. Mani station, Message, some witchcraft palm readings, and an open bar was just a few activities that were being provided.

I wish I had someone video my message. I loved it, but she started banging on my back like it was a drum with these- I don’t know I am going to call them African ball drums. BRUH!! THEY HURT!. It wasn’t relaxing at all- it was assault. Then it started to rain so I just stayed there until the rained cleared. Went to a Fashion Couture show, headed to Joe’s for pizza then it was off to the next event.

The Party. Chrisitan Siriano The Curated Collection.

There were maybe a million parties going on this week, but I had to work so making those parties then getting up early was something I just was not about to do.

I was invited to the Christian Siriano The curated collection. The studio is located on 5th ave and this studio literally reminded me of Miranda Priestly’s townhouse in the Devil Wears Prada. However, the guest was only allowed up 2-3 flights…were a personal photoshoot was done.

The studio is chic and amazing and it was just an amazing time and a great break away from the job. My only off day really was that Friday. I also got a ton of makeup. OMG, Shoutout to the homegirl Holly. But of course, that was even too much make up for me, I gave some away and I am giving more away still.

Overall it’s New York and it was Fashion week. You could never have a bad time. Did you get a chance to attend NYFW19? If so, what did you do? Comment and share below.

Dress: Banana Republic old view similar here and here.

Bag> Tessa Handbags >> Unavail I like these…here and here.

Jacket> MANGO

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