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Origins-Charcoal Honey Mask review


Origins-Charcoal Honey Mask

origin facail mask

I love a great facial mask-especially if they are to detoxify the skin! I received some product complimentary from Influencer a few weeks ago.  Origin has a new facial mask and it has a new special sweet ingredient-honey. With Charcoal being an active () combined with honey, its bound to create results.

About the Product:

This mask purifies, detox and nourish the skin.

My Truth:



I personally use my facial mask twice or three times per week.  I usually, try beauty products out for a month to get a feel for them. This facial mask doesn’t paralyze your face lol. Meaning it dries up well enough to extract and detox but you can also carry on a conversation. Most of all- It’s for all skin types! The texture is lightweight, and the product will go a long way. This mask also smoothes on very very well. For sure a Snob Investment!


I received this product complimentary from Influencer.


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