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&OtherStories, here are the items I saved to my shopping cart.

&OtherStories, here are the items I saved to my shopping cart.

The &OtherStories fashion brand is becoming more and more popular every single day. I don’t know whether it’s my Instagram feed or other fellow bloggers showing off their clothes-but I am here for it. You already know that on I stay on you guys about fashionable statement pieces, items that are worth investing and so on. So, I conducted my research to see if &OtherStories fits into my shopping criteria. 

on sale for $48.
SuperCute Cardigan.

My thoughts on &OtherStories

The brand caters to larger sizes-Hmmm no I only saw sz12 max. &OtherStoires carries a variety of styles both trendy and statement pieces-check. Their clothes are designed and made in Paris, Los Angeles, and Stockholm-Interesting. Does &OtherStories have a psychical brick and motor store? YUP, I walked passed it when I was in New York. The building at least has three floors and the merchandising is on point. However, I didn’t go inside-ya girl was in a rush to another destination. Since this brand has been on my mind subconsciously it was now time to take it to the danger zone, the shopping cart.

While Winter is blistering cold for most of America and half of the world, fashionista love having a fashionable moment. I searched through the &OtherStories website and found this black sheer black leopard sheer puff sleeve dress. I also spotted this maxi leopard dress – super cute! The sale section is also on point too. From sweaters to skirts that are under $60. I found another leopard dress for only $48. Yes, &OtherStories is a Snob hit and will be added to my fave store list. 

Below, I have rounded up a few items that you can look at. Remember you can save these items and receive an alert once the item is on sale.

Happy Shopping!


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