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Oversized and Graphic T-Shirts. Summer staple must-have.

Oversized and Graphic T-Shirts. Summer staple must-have.

Oversized and graphic T-shirts have been officially added to my Summer Staple series (read the previous post here). I find them to be an added asset to my loungewear and casual Summer Style for outdoors. Here at TPS, we are always explaining to you versatile style. Nothing is more versatile, on-trend, and affordable than oversized and graphic T’s right now. I found a few good ones here, here and here on the Amazon website.

Whenever it’s safe to be around family and friends again, these shirts will come in handy. Styling them with cycle shorts or a skirt will keep you cool and casual. These trendy style shirts are also perfect for covering up that #stayathome weight. I hope I am not the only one lol.

(L: White oversized shirt. <>)

(R: Beverly Hills 1990>)

For me, this is also a simple style piece to have thats comfortable and appropriate while greeting the Fed Ex guy. These T-Shirts are also reasonably priced, and didn’t I mention that they are comfortable? Finally, I’ve rounded up a few Oversized and Graphic T-shirts below. All items are under $100.

Oversized and Graphic T-shirts under $100.

Oversized and Graphic T-shirts

(COVER PHOTO: Santa Monica Graphic T<>)

Catch up on TPS here. And read the previous Summer Staple blog post here. This blog post is a paid collaboration with Femme Luxe. This blog post contains affiliate links.

Nordstrom-Pink Skirt (here), Blue/Black Skirt (here)


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