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Pitch it! Start working with Brands today

Being a blogger can be an exciting time, regardless of what your top goals might be. But, if you are aiming to make blogging a full time career, you need to know not just how to work with brands, but how to approach them in the first place. Brand relationships are one of the most important aspects to scoring exposure, and generating revenue for your blog.
But, if you are a newer blogger, how do you form those relationships in the first place? And will they even look at you if you aren’t one of the top bloggers out there? The answer is YES! And the key to beginning those relationships is first, and foremost, your media kit.
Did you know that an about page or media kit is one of the most important things your blog should have? Many bloggers don’t have one, and many that do have them in hard to find places. Through this guide, you will learn how important your media kit is, and how to get it noticed.
The PitchIt ebook is your definitive resource for learning how to perfect your pitch, and even more importantly, what not to do. At 61 pages, it’s a concise guide aimed at teaching you how to have a superstar media kit, and take you and your blog to the next level. There is no secret formula for success, but this must have guide on how to navigate media and sponsorship opportunities is certainly a start!

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