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Power of Two: Erno Laszlo Review


I am happy to receive great products from Infulenster! This one in particular was a surprise in the mail simply because it was a special  VOXBOX!!  Let’s get into this beauty review with Erno Laszlo shall we?

About the Product:

The duo kit I received for is geared toward detoxifying and exfoliating the skin. It is known to deep cleanse impurities in the skin as well as reveal radiant skin. The duo kit comes with a Detoxifying cleansing oil and  Sea Mud deep cleansing bar.
Detoxifying Cleansing Oil:
Has deep penetrating actives to dissolve trapped oil, impurities and make up on contact.
Sea Mud Cleansing bar:
Exfoliating facial bar that cleanses using sea mud and charcoal to draw out impurities and visibly reduce pore sizes.

My Truth:

 In the first weeks, I did use my duo kit both day and night so my skin could get some type of reaction from it. I notice my skin felt cleaner and it was looking a bit brighter too. So I did the ultimate test-wiping my face clean free of make up! The result-my face clean and free of any oils and dirt from my makeup.  Usually I will wash my face twice to make sure I got every inch of make up off, but with this kit I didn’t have to. It came with a two step process already!
Raw and uncut with the Sea Mud Bar!!
  Overall is a great product and it’s something new. But at the end of the day ladies, it all depends on how many steps you want to do after you’ve had a wild night of drinks and partying.
Until next time,
Thanks so much for sponsoring this post Erno Laszlo and Infulenster!

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