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Pregnant fashionable celebrities and my new gig!

Pregnant fashionable celebrities and my new gig!
So I cannot do IG’s pick of week simply because I NEED to get another phone. Screen is completely black and cracked cannot see a thing. But I am dedicated in bringing you some type of fashion that has caught my eye this week or this past month.
I recently got involved with Keaton Row. Keaton Row is a online personal stylist platform where clients can request Lookbook certain events or wanting to create an entire new wardrobe.  I am excited because I can help other stylist build their client base as well as mine all over the world. Commission only so its basically like if you were working at Nordstrom or Sasks. So you can totally keep your day and or night time job while building your styling career! Log onto to check it out!
Want to earn a commission to be a stylist? Click this link.
You don’t like to shop? Click here to request a free Lookbook.

Now onto some celebrities and Fashion. Something is in the air or water because there are certainly more celebrities that are pregnant at the same time than I can remember. 
Zoe Saldana wearing stripes with her visual baby bump.
Kourtney Kardashian is also wearing strips out and out and about. This is Kourtney’s 3rd child. 

Now I am saving the best for last. The former daughter of the white house Chelsea Clinton taking a break from her oh so conservative style steps out in leather leggings and she looks amazing and she is wearing them Louboutin. WEERRKKKK Chelsea!


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