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Random A#$ post

Random A#$ post

(This is what happens when you 3 cosmo’s in before 5pm)

So it’s near Holiday weekend and maybe it’s the rain or the two cosmo’s I had before 5pm Today,but I am just not in the mood to work today. I am a bit tipsy while writing this so excuse me if this is just…a bit…ummm how you say…out there???

For the most part I think this is my body telling me to take a break. Because ever since I started working for myself that’s just something I cannot do. I have “it” on the inside of me but it’s damn, I just want to chill. I feel so lazy and I am not that person. I have this “thing” where I put some pressure on myself. Like people ask me “are you going on Vacation?” My response. “Until I can afford to vacation in Greece for two weeks then yeah”. Have you ever done this? Is this a F’d up way of thinking? Comment below…




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