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Raw Presents Allure RAWArtists stl

Raw Presents Allure RAWArtists stl

Tonight is a big night. Before I start this blog I just want to thank God because down to the last minute the enemy attempted to form a weapon but it did not porspser! So grate to have him on my side I’m spoiled like that. But outside of that, I am excited that it’s over with and I am excite to experience it. I certain believe and hope everyone got something out of it.

Hair and make up was on deck thanks to salon antebellum. Make up was perfected by Nettie Kelly using her own cosmetic line named after her. 

Being the stylist for the show I basically pulled looks from the from store and created a look for the model to walk the runway. Clothes were provided by The CLover boqutie, Blud Brid apperal and by Saint Louis base desginer Jacquline Nicole. 

Finally I want to thank the models, volunteers, guest who attended and support me. Those who couldn’t make it and donated. And I want to thank those who I reached out and didn’t donate here’s to you

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